5 Reasons You Aren’t Making More Money (+ How To Fix Them!)

Money. Money. Money.

Would you like to be making more money from your business?

The answer, is in all likelihood: yes and no.

Surprised by that?

I’ll explain in a minute.

But first, let me ask you something.

What does money mean to you?

Well, if we push aside any limiting beliefs about money for a sec…

You know, the “money is the root of all evil” crap and the likes…

And just admit for a second, unapologetically, that some more money around here would be quite nice, thank you very much.

Then really, what more money boils down to for you I’m betting is:

More freedom.

>> Financial freedom to say yes to more things that make life great for you and your family.(Spa days, nice clothes, great meals out, adventure and travel.  All that lovely stuff.)

>> Time freedom to feel more relaxed with your schedule, more able to fit in the things that are important to you, less chained to the hamster wheel of life. 
(Time for yourself, time with your husband, time with your kids, time with your friends).

Which in fact, all translates to:

More joy.

So now that we’ve established WHY you might want to be making more money…

Let’s look at what might be holding you back.

And what you can do about it.

In this post I’ll be covering:

1 // Pricing
2 // Sales & Selling
3 // Revenue Streams
4 // Tech
5 // Possibly the most surprising reason of all (told you I’d get to that point)

If that has intrigued you, read on my love.


One seemingly straightforward and simple reason you might not be making more money is your pricing.

I say simple.

Because, sure it seems logical that if you just raise your prices, you’ll increase your income.


But it isn’t quite that simple, is it?

Did my suggestion of raising your prices make you squirm just a little?

If so, don’t worry, you are not alone in that.

I help pretty much every single private coaching client that comes to me with her pricing.

So although it sounds simple on the surface…

Really, a whole lot of fear and anxiety often comes screeching in as soon as we consider raising our prices.

Stuff like,

If I raise my prices, no one will buy
Who do I think I am to be charging that much
What if people think my work isn’t worth those prices

Those are all your mind lying to you, btw.

In other words: they are limiting beliefs.

Things that your brain thinks, which hold you back.

The thing with pricing, you see, is that it is forever tied to your money mindset.

So if your money mindset isn’t in great shape…

By which I mean, you’re not fully friends with money, feeling completely confident and comfortable in making it, charging people for the work you do, spending it, etc…

Then your pricing is likely to be off.

I.e. too low.

Because your limiting beliefs about money and also about what you believe is possible for you have influenced your pricing.


What is the solution?  Well, to first of all work on your money mindset.

Get in tune with the limiting beliefs you hold around money.  All those negative stories about money you have been – quite possibly unconsciously – toting around with you.

See them, then dismantle them.  Break them down and see them for what they are:

Just a thought you keep thinking, not fact.

Then come up with some new, more empowering money stories and adopt those.

Once you’ve started to mend your relationship with money…

Then work on bolstering your self-confidence and your sense of value in the work you do.

Because when you have a healthier relationship with money AND you feel confident about the true value your work provides to your customers or clients…

Then pricing becomes SO much easier.

Then you can really charge your worth.

2. Sales & Selling

Another reason that you might not be making more money…

And I apologise in advance as I’m not going to sugar-coat this…

Is that you suck at selling.


If you don’t feel comfortable with selling, then you’re leaving money on the table.

And there are two ways that you might be losing out on sales.

We’ll get to those in just a sec.

But first it’s time to let go of the feelings like,

I’m not a natural born salesperson
I just don’t like selling, it feels awkward to me
I’m worried about seeming too pushy

None of those, are in fact valid.

Because –

Sales are relationships.

Selling is simply giving someone the chance for you to help them.

Help them with something they already need or want, that is.

That’s it.

When you fully take that on board…

Selling and sales become infinitely easier, right?

But I completely understand if this one blog post, with only a fraction of its content dedicated to sales and selling, has not yet made you feel super confident at selling.

So back to the two ways that you might be losing sales…

They are, quite simply:

1 // You aren’t asking for the sale often enough
2 // You aren’t great at converting potential clients into paying clients.

The good news?

It is actually easier than you might think to remedy both of these.

So let’s get straight to it:


1 // Start selling more often

What do I mean by this?

Well take a look at your sales activities.

Things like sales conversations, following up with warm leads, sales based social media posts, calls to action in blogs.

Selling should be happening in AT LEAST one of these areas every day in your business.

Because businesses are based on sales, right?

So have a look at what you’ve been doing and see if you can up your game and sell more often.

2 // Get better at converting

I am amazing at converting.

I tell you this not to boast, but to tell you what’s possible.

Make no mistake, I used to SUCK at selling.

I would feel nervous, I would avoid it, I would forget what I wanted to say.

Unsurprisingly, people don’t want to buy from a mumbling figgety woman who doesn’t seem to have confidence in her services.

I learned that the hard way!

You don’t have to.

Getting great at converting does NOT mean learning salesy tactics (ewww).

It means getting better at listening.

It means staying connected to the value of what you provide.

It means chilling the eff out a bit in sales situations.

Sales confidence and learning to sell in a way that feels good, not gross, is entirely learnable.

Want to find out more? Head over here

3. Revenue Streams


Do you know what the friend of the business owning Mama is?

The clue is kind of in the title of this section…

While you’re thinking about that, let me ask you something else:

How many revenue streams do you have?

One? Two?  Three?

I have six currently.

And only 3 of them involve trading hours for pounds (or maybe dollars where you are?).

Why do I have 6?

Because I have built my business intentionally to:

>> Support me financially even when I take time off
>> Allow me to scale my business without increasing my hours

Essential if, like me, you cherish spending lots of time with your kids.

So back to the answer of that question…

The best friend of the business owning Mama is [drum roll]

Passive income.

Three of my 6 income streams are passive.

Meaning that I make money without trading hours for pounds.

They took some time to set up, sure.

They require some marketing from time to time, yes.

But other than that, sales can just roll in without me lifting a finger.

Without me being awake sometimes even.

Now doesn’t THAT sound great?

Therefore, one reason you aren’t making more money is that maybe you’re maxed out in terms of the hours you’re spending in your business and you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling and can’t therefore make any more money, unless you increase your hours.

If that’s you then….


Have a think about how you can introduce a passive income stream into your business.

Brainstorm some ideas.

Pick one and implement it.

Then drive a load of traffic to it to see how well it converts (i.e. of the number of people who visit your sales page, how many actually buy?).

Then tweak the whole process so that it’s converting at a rate you’re happy with.

THEN consider throwing some paid traffic at it (e.g. Facebook Ads).

That right there, is scalable passive income.

Whoop whoop!

4. Tech

I’ll let you into a little secret.

My private coaching clients come to me for all manner of reasons, but essentially they are all after one thing: a business that is…

>> Fulfilling
(i.e. fun to run and involves them spending the majority of their time doing what they love)

>> Flexible
(i.e. they have plenty of time for themselves and their families, they can take big chunks of time off without the whole thing going down the pan.  Hello passive income and automation!)

>> Profitable
(i.e. they just want to be making decent money and doing that consistently)

But here’s the secret…

Although they know I’m going to help them with ALL of those things (oh plus, you know, general success coaching, confidence boosting and money mindset block busting)…

The thing that often is the cherry on the cake for them…

Is the technical support I provide.

Why is this relevant to you?

Well, the only reason I built this in as an additional feature of my private coaching…

Is because I was seeing tech block after tech block with the ladies I was talking to and working with.

Fear of tech.

It’s a real thing.

In fact, when I mentioned passive income and automation above, did you think: that sounds hard?

Knowing how to connect all the moving parts of say, a funnel, together can seem like some tricky, shrouded in mystery thing.

Better to not bother trying then.

Can you relate?  

If so, don’t worry my love, you’re definitely not alone.  But know that your resistance to tech is likely getting in the way of you making more money (in great and easy ways, I might add).

If not, and you’re down with the tech then…[techy fist bump] and skip to the next point.


If fear of tech is standing between you and more money, then you have some options:

1 // Hire someone to do it for you
2 // Enrol on a course that will teach you
3 // Dig into YouTube videos and the like and teach yourself
4 // Work with a coach who can make the tech side simple to understand so you can feel confident doing these things for yourself
5 // Do nothing and leave money on the table 😉

5. The Surprising Point

We got there…

The reason which might most surprise you as to why you aren’t making more money.

In fact, this might be the very thing underlying some of the other reasons above.

Is because…

You don’t really want to.

There, I said it.

This can be a tough one to accept sometimes.

And I don’t mean it in any kind of judgemental way or that you’re not trying.

But sometimes –

Deep down.

Like deep, deep, DEEP down.

You’re afraid.

Afraid of earning more money.

Afraid of success.

Fear of success is a real thing btw.

Why on EARTH might someone – maybe even you – be afraid of success?

Because we have all sorts of ideas about what it will COST us to earn more…

Things like:

  • Working too hard
  • Working too many hours
  • Hustle, stress, sacrifice, overwhelm

All that jazz.

And we worry about what we might become…

Things like:

  • A terrible, absent mother
  • A selfish a-hole
  • Greedy
  • Money obsessed


All those things up there? ^^^

Yeah, those are limiting beliefs.

They hold you back.  Keep you from leading the MOST kick ass life.

The one you were born to lead, btw.

Even if you don’t (yet) believe it.


You may have heard me say this before…

It bears repeating:

Realisation leads to transformation.

Shine a light on those fears, my love.  Be brave.

When you get 100% honest about your deepest, darkest fears about what earning more money will mean…

When you look at those gremlins in the cold light of day.

You can see them for what they really are: lies.

And then you can set about dismantling them and slotting some much healthier beliefs about money and your ability to earn it, in their place.

Hurrah!  Wealthy Mama fist bumps all round 🙂


Well, maybe you’d be interested to know that helping mothers with online business to make more money – with ease not overwhelm, I might add – is easily one of my favourite things in the world ever.

I consider it a kind of superpower.

[check out my cape, lol]

So if you would like to be rescued from feeling financially stuck, let’s chat.

**SPOILER ALERT** I won’t, in fact, rescue you.  I’ll support you, guide you, and give you the tools to rescue yourself.  Which you can totally do.  Because I got your back.

But that’s just detail.

The fact of the matter is I can help you to grow your income, without increasing your hours.  I can take out the guesswork.

Now, doesn’t THAT sound like a relief?

If you think so, book yourself a FREE Discovery Call.  I’ll ask you about where you’re at in your business, where you want to go and what might be keeping you stuck.

You’ll get the chance to ask me the questions you have about what’s possible for you and your business and what I do and how I help my clients.

And if that’s all going swimmingly, and we feel like we might be a match made in heaven for making you more money… then we’ll chat about what working together might look like and which of my packages might best support you in achieving your goals and desires.

Sound good?

Book Your Free Discovery Call

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