3 Money Mindset Blocks Stunting Your Business Growth

Let's talk about money shall we?

I'm declaring July to be Money Month! I'll be digging deep on the topics of money, motherhood and mindset and how they all intermingle.

This week on the blog I am sharing 3 key money mindset blocks that could be stunting your business (and personal!) growth.

Have a read and see if any of them resonate with you.

Here I am, talking about money again.

Money is one of my favourite topics.

I’ll tell you why in a sec.

Did me even just saying that make you bristle?

We’ve been so programmed to think that wanting money, talking about money is somehow wrong or taboo that I wouldn’t blame you if you prickled just a bit.

And that right there is one of the reasons money is a topic I’m so passionate about.

It’s just bloody money!

But we have managed to associate so much crap with it.

So many bullsh*t money stories.

So much negative emotion.

All around some notes, coins, digital digits on your bank balance.

All around currency, which is just about an energy exchange.

Which is neutral, when you really stop to think about it.

Neither inherently good nor bad.


The other reason I love the subject of money is because freeing women of the mental baggage that they are carrying around money

Helping them to feel like a weight has been lifted…

And to know that they CAN call money into their lives…

And use it for amazing things, experiences and impact…

All without becoming a selfish b*tch and terrible mother….

That right there?

Yep, that’s my jam.

But let’s get down to today’s topic.

Because it is summer as I type this.

You may well have kids out of school.

So these blog posts are going to be shorter, quick to digest nuggets of gold.

That’s my aim 🙂

Money requires sacrifice

I stumble over this one all. the. time.

I firmly held this belief myself for YEARS, so you’re not alone if you believe this.

Let me ask you something…

Do you believe that if you were to pursue wealth, if you were to set out on a mission to become very wealthy indeed (I bet even suggesting that is triggering you… just a guess), that you would assume it would come at a price, right?



We’ve been lead to believe that being successful business women, kicking arse and taking names (and cheques) we will, out of necessity…

>> Sacrifice more time with our kids
>> Not be present physically or mentally for them
>> Feel tired, burnt out and overwhelmed

In a nutshell, the fear is that to make decent (or even excellent) money…

We will become terrible mothers.

Money obsessed.

Barely able to remember our kids names.

Ok, so I got carried away with the last line there.

But this fear that money will mean a negative impact on the kind of mother you want to be is a very real money mindset block.

And very harmful.

This block is otherwise known as a limiting belief.

It will cause you to limit your actions, limit what you believe to be possible for yourself and your business.  

Basically, this mindset block shoves a set of belief blinkers on you, narrowing your view.

It closes your mind to opportunities and possibilities (which abound, btw) for you to make more money, WITHOUT that sacrifice you fear most.

Making money is hard

Do you think that making money is hard?

Maybe you grew up surrounded by people who made making money look very hard indeed.

In which case, it’s no wonder you believe this one.

But guess what?

Making money, is not hard.

It requires work or action, of course.

But it really does not have to feel hard.

As I’ve already shared before, I’ve made money very quickly and very easily in my business.

[Recap: I went from £0 to replacing my corporate salary within 3 months of starting my business and doubled it within 7 and it continues to grow from there…]

I am telling you this to illustrate that making money does NOT have to be hard.

It does not have to be an uphill struggle.

Here’s the annoying thing though…

If you believe making money will be hard…

It will be.

Simple as that, my love.

The beautiful thing is: the reverse is true.

Start believing that making money gets to be easy…

It will be.

I just want to help people

Oooh this is an interesting one.

Because the very thing that you think that you want…

Is stopping you from achieving the thing that you think that you want…

More on that in a mo.

Here’s the thing.

We are heart centred people, are we not?

Helping people is in our DNA.

Almost all of the mother business owners I meet in my line of work are motivated by a desire to help others.

It could be helping someone to create a beautiful website.

It could be helping someone with nutrition to support their health.

It could be helping knackered parents to get their baby to sleep more than 5 minutes at a time.

At the centre of all of it: a burning desire to help.

But –


Somewhere along the line…

We’ve been told, or we’ve assumed…

Either way, we’ve arrived at the idea that helping people and getting paid do not go hand in hand.


Helping people = a pure intention.

Getting paid = gross.

Which I now see is weird.  

But maybe you don’t see that yet.

So let me get back to the thing that you think that you want, stopping you from achieving that very same thing.

You want to help people, yes?

But you feel like getting paid handsomely for it is greedy/wrong somehow, correct?

Think about this.

What would it take to help MORE people?

To have an even bigger, more beautiful impact on the lives of the people you want to help than you are already?

To create a legacy based on that help that you love to provide?

What would it take?


And then think about this.

What happens if you don’t get paid enough?

Your business struggles…

Because you can’t afford to invest in the systems/support you need to get your message out there into the eyes and ears of those who need it most

You struggle…

Because operating out of a place of fear, scarcity, anxiety over money is no picnic.

You feel overwhelmed, disillusioned.

You maybe consider throwing in the towel.

And then deprive those people who desperately need you from the help you can give them.

Do you see?

How money can help you help them?

How the more your business grows, the more positive impact you can make?

Amazing 🙂


Perhaps I’ve convinced you that some of the money blocks you’re toting around with you are stunting not just your business growth, but your personal growth with it?

And perhaps you’re thinking, yes Cori I can see how this is getting in my way…

But now what?

Well, now, my lovely, you must break down those blocks.

Hack them down piece by piece.

Until all that is left is a pile of dust that you can step over on your way to success.

Work on tuning into your fears around money.

Look them squarely in the eyes.

Then take them out at the knees if you can.

Find new, better, more empowering things to believe and you will be skipping along your merry way to more money, more freedom, more joy.

Tra-la-laaah! 🙂

Need Some Help?

Ok so I realise that I’ve been in a bit of a cheeky mood writing this post but I am deadly serious about the impact that money mindset blocks are likely making on your business.

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That is some of the most fulfilling work that I do.

So it would be my honour to help you if you are feeling stuck behind those blocks.

Let’s break them down together.

Let me take you by the hand and lead you towards a new financial reality.

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